OIS after school activity programme Y1-Y3


Y1-Y3 students will build up their theatrical expression. They will become familiar with the theatrical expressions and become confident through playing and acting games. We explore and unfold through Movement, rhythm, voice , facial expressions, pantomime and also get to know our emotions, how we behave in different situations. We also get to know our body and what we can express with it. We work either in groups or in pairs throughout the course. We will also work with presentation dialogue, improvisation, dance, poems, song and small stage performances for each other.

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All participants at Viken Teaterverksted must register here to pay. This is done by payment of the first semester in full

The price for one year is 3300, -, the payments are distributed over two semesters so that each payment is NOK 1650, – NOK.
For siblings, we have a sibling discount for children number 2.3, etc. The price is 2700, – a year, 1350, – per semester.

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